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New Levels

We all go through life’s twists and turns

As they educate us to see what burns

But with every change to new levels

You will definitely meet new devils

You might be tempted to find another way

One where you’re not such easy prey

And find the path of least resistance 

Even if it might fight with your conscience

You’ll try to find the easy way out

Even if it might lead others to drown

And find success that benefits you

Rather than to help the whole crew

Remember, if you want to go fast, go alone

And try to fight life’s problems on your own

But, if you want to go long, go together

You’ll fight side by side, no matter the weather

Also, remember sometimes the devil 

Is you when starting a new level

And the one you have to beat is you

To test if you’d stand or fall through

And if this has been a pattern with you

That people around are growing few

And they rather stay away from you

Because you’d rather be right than true

Sooner or later you will realize that

True love and support is what you lack

When you push everyone away

They will all leave and never stay

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