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Google Translate

We needed to create a campaign that highlighted unity, diversity, and inclusivity; and so we chose Google Translate. Although it's an application that most people don't really think of when they think of brands people use, it is one of the most used applications, especially when it comes to languages. Everyone speaks in a language, whether it's known to many or not. But one of the very first things we think about when we meet someone new is if they'll understand what we're saying and if we can communicate with them. And if we can't, how do we make each other more comfortable conversing with one another.

This was what we came up with.


Highlight diversity in language, the beauty in different cultures, ethnicities, and learning languages.

Key Message

Languages are diverse and so are people


Increase awareness of different languages, the beauty in speaking, learning and sharing them, and the benefit of learning your own language, or learning a new one.

Market Research

There are 500 million people using the application

The most popular languages translated are between English and Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, and Indonesian (Bahasa).

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