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Lee Kum Kee

This famed Chinese condiment brand was founded in the Guangdong province, China, in 1888. They were initially known for their oyster sauce and the brand celebrates Chinese cuisine, dating back 130 years. Today, the company is famed for all its other Chinese sauces and condiments, like soy sauce. 

This social brand film campaign was our response to the #StopAsianHate protest, in March 2021, in the US.

Target Audience

All genders. All ethnicities. Aged: 24-34. 

Ordinary people that like Asian flavors, enjoy ethnically diverse foods, and love Asian or South East Asian culture. Earns about $70-85k, are urban city dwellers, and small apartment renters. They either have roommates, have pets, or are family starters. 

Key Message

Equally Human


2 Brand Films

I wrote a poem as a response to the #StopAsianHate protests that happened in the US, in March 2021. This was the inspiration for this campaign.

Divided Apart

There will always be people who think

That this world can't be shared

That others will never be in sync

And a division was unofficially delcared

They say they're open and friendly

That they celebrate our differences

Until their smiles become deadly

And slam their doors in our faces

It's ironic to hear them say

They condemn all forms of racism

But try to keep our voices at bay

And then practice a level of cynicism 

With the cries from those that went

Thorugh the horrors of hate crime

My heart, with love, packed and sent

Graves shouldn't be filled before their time

It's appalling that these hashtags exist 

As civilization has developed so much

But apparently, diversity is a high risk

It's something we shouldn't touch

We are taught that this is the world now

That this is how hate grows in our hearts

As we continue to wonder why and how

People stay torn and divided apart

Brand Film 1

The second film is based on another poem I wrote specifically for this project.


There will be people who stubbornly believe

That people of color shouldn't exist at all

But should we pack our bags and leave

When this is our home and where we belong?

Diversity is something to celebrate

And not something to be frightened of

But they'll always be people that hate

How we apparently stole their jobs

"Love us like how you love our food,"

Was written on a flimsy piece of cardboard

You don't know how much that rung true

Think about all the "exotic" foods you go for

And everything else you crave

For stuff that isn't your own

Like movies, fashion, and plays

The heritage in our backbone

How much of the barrier is broken through

When our differences are embraced

Through our love of delicious food

All our heat is, for a moment, erased

Let's take away ideas of superiority

And pour in love and generosity

Let's open a channel of opportunity

And widen our arms to the community

Brand Film 2

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