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Bumble Bizz

Networking for many, myself included, isn't easy. This campaign for Bumble Bizz, however, is aimed at easing those who are looking to connect with other like-minded individuals. We intended this campaign to also be a fun and inviting way to break the ice between people who are using the app for the first time, and those who have been using this for a little while. 


This was what we came up with.  

Target Audience:

"Striving Singles" (054): Young singles living in the Midwest of Southern city centers. Aged 25-30 and are career-driven. They're also digitally savvy and dependent. These people lead active social lives, are foodies, and are sports and fitness fans. 


"Full Steam Ahead" (050): Younger to middle-aged singles who are gravitating towards 2nd-tier cities. These people may move to areas like Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, Birmingham, Tucson, etc. They are aged 36-45 and lead busy lives. They are music enthusiasts, eager to shop, and connect with friends and brands online.


"Colleges and Cafes" (053): Young recent college graduates who are living in college communities. These communities are often microcosms and once something becomes popular in a certain college community, those who graduate will normally take their preferences with them; spreading these ideas to other places by word of mouth.


We wanted to create this campaign for young professionals who may be starting a new chapter in their lives, whether it's moving to a new city, a new job, or both. Starting out in a new environment can be difficult, so the idea was to use the same phrases from popular songs that these young professionals may recognize and understand.  

By using these music references in this campaign,  Bumble eases people into networking and connecting with others who may need help meeting people in their field of work. From our research, Bumble has more of a progressive reputation and therefore is more difficult to reach audiences in regions in the Midwest and the South. However, because of the college graduates who are moving towards second-tier cities, like Atlanta and Nashville, Bumble as a networking app would appeal to those who are just breaking into the workforce. By word of mouth, these college graduates may be able to help Bumble Bizz gain traction in these areas, helping other people connect with others as well. 

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