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Afraid to Lose

I’m always afraid to lose

Whatever it is I choose.

The confidence I’ve built

And the swords at my hilt. 

The zest for life, to live.

Societies I used to fit.

Ideas I always thought about

That were lost in the clouds

I’m afraid to lose my world

The homes I once curled.

Smiles I thought would stay

And hearts that I gave away.

Burning flames of spirit

And gentleness herein

Laughs that reach my eyes

And the tears I left behind

But I now know it’s better

To lose it when it gets heavier

You’ll realize a breakthrough

When it stops hurting you

To snip away all these fears

With your pair of pretty shears

And welcome all that’s new

In what’s to come in lieu

Of what and where you go

And let life happen and flow

Let its wind blow you away

No matter where it lands in May

Because if hang on to things as so

Your seeds may never grow

As they’ll stay in the winter snow

When you don’t learn to let things go

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