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Netflix: Salt Fat Acid Heat

The project brief required us to choose a show on Netflix and create a campaign that could increase awareness for the show, and increase viewers on the platform. I chose Salt Fat Acid Heat, which was also a book written by Samin Nosrat. We were given free reign on how we wanted to approach the project, and this was what I came up with.


  • 4 Social media posts

  • 4 Billboards

  • 3 Bus Transits


I cook a lot at home and I enjoy it, but one of the skills it develops is learning how to think on one's feet, especially when you have only a number of ingredients in the pantry. This campaign was using the idea that if you don't have an ingredient, what can you substitute it with?


I chose to do a riff on the "What Am I?" game and hopefully, this can help people figure out what each ingredient is by the end of the poem. Although this might be a lot of words for just one social media post, I think it can be a lot of fun if they come up with one of these every few months or so, just to increase viewers and engage with them, too.


But, can you guess what each ingredient is? 


These billboards will be placed in areas where there is a lot of either pedestrian or vehicle traffic, so people have time to read when they're waiting to either cross the street or continue driving wherever they need to go.

Bus Transits

These will be interactive posters where people can slide the bar up and down to see what they may have in their pantry. Expansion on this idea may include a function that when an ingredient is clicked on, shows basic information i.e., nutrition, place of origin, and flavor profile for that particular ingredient.

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