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For Granted

Do you have people that you used to see every day? 

The ones you thought would forever stay? 

And the moment they leave, you contemplate

When did our relationship have an expiry date? 

When you met the people that just clicked

Life went by with them and it was perfect

Through the ups and downs, they were there

Until life had other plans and out of thin air

They disappeared. They went for school or work. 

And the years went by almost like clockwork

You wonder how they are and where they went

How and what their life is like in the present

Sometimes they remember you, after all this time

But often they’ve forgotten you, in the meantime

And even if the drifting apart was unwanted

And it was once a thought you’ve daunted

Now, you see the life they lead and their success

And how if they’d stayed, it wouldn’t have been best

You learn that to grow sometimes you need to go

Find your purpose and mine your pot of gold

So, say what you want to say to your family and friends,

And, when you get the chance, say that you love them

To let them know that they’re never taken for granted

No matter where, when or how their next tree is planted

Show that they meant something to you right now,

And speak it with gratitude, and speak it loud

Because this love will be harder to broadcast 

When you’ve split or their soul has passed.

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