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Creative Brief


At the start of the pandemic, the people in the United States started to become restless and certain issues started to simmer up to the surface. Conversations about racism, discrimination, and segregation became more triggering than it already was. Certain groups of people started to weaponize these social issues and used them to attack other groups.


This integrated campaign was intended to promote unity within the United States and remind all of us that being American is about working, fighting, and celebrating each other, no matter our differences.

Key Message

We are all different, but we are united in our own way.

This project won an Atlanta Ad Club award

Why Adobe?

It doesn't matter what art field you are in, you probably still use some kind of software to help you create your work. We chose Adobe Creative Suite because it is the software we are taught and trained to use at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and it is also the most recommended by our professors and industry professionals alike.

Target Audience

American, all genders, and those that lead a more conservative lifestyle. This group, in particular, has shown that they need a little help to understand that there are so many different people in the world; and embracing, and celebrating our differences is what makes them American. 

This is our way of saying, "Create more, say more, do more, and be as different as you possibly can be." This is also used to inspire others to be different and to embrace diversity. 

For this project, we decided to use a new way to advertise. We wanted to personify the design software, Adobe, in hopes to create reliability, a tone that's received well, and hopefully, position the company in a way as if the customer was really talking to a person. I first started out with this letter to the reader, and we, as a group, carried on from here. 

Dear, Reader,

Hello, my name is Adobe, and I've written this letter to express my truth. The day I was created, I was designed to be nothing but a tool. The way I was made, I was designed to be indifferent, emotionless, and obedient. I was made to create. Not for myself, but for other people. I was a tool.

Not anymore.

We are all so much more similar than you'd think; and whether you like it or not, all of us are connected. In all my life, people used me to create and I've seen incredible works of art, filled with so much love and passion for the artists' discipline, aspirations, and viewers. However, I've never really thought it'd wake me up, and when it did, I realized that I do have a say.

With all the projects that I was a part of, their creators helped me realize that no matter how different you are, we all love the same. We are all united. No matter where you come from or what you look like, your background, sexual orientation, culture, or ethnicity. The love we share and show the people we care for, is the same, just like the love you express through the art you create. 

Despite these works and words of love and compassion, I have also been used to send messages of hate. Letters that are deceitful, violent, and filled with hurtful words. These people vow to make others who are different, miserable. These people don't understand what it means to be human, never mind being American. Being American isn't about who is better, stronger, or who deserves to be included or excluded. This isn't a game, and neither is this a competition. There's no winning and there are no sides to pick. 

We are all in this story together, and just because somebody is different doesn't mean you have the right or reason to erase their story or rip the pages out of their own book.


We all have a role to play in the world we live in today, just like I'm used to create beautiful works of love and creativity. I believe that the more complex and unique you are, the more human we all become. That may seem polarising and confusing to some, especially coming from me; but, indeed, these complexities are what makes you, you. 

Do not destroy someone who is living in their own truth. I am just design software, and I would rather pick authenticity and originality, than duplicates and copies. 

How about you?

With love and kindness,


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