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Cathay Pacific

This campaign was a little closer to home for me because when I moved to the U.S., the pandemic had just started. I was missing my friends, my family, and the usual things I used to do. Even the small things like going out for lunch or going to see a movie or a show, or even just sitting at a park and talking about life. 

This campaign was intended to express what it feels like to move to a whole new different country while missing home and traveling.  

Target Audience

All genders. Aged 25-35. 

People who love to travel, experience different cultures, and immerse themselves in the place their in. They are not interested in tourist traps and want to experience the destination like a local. This campaign may also relate to people that have moved somewhere completely different from where they are originally from and are missing home and the usual activities that they're used to doing with the people they used to see almost every day. 

Key Message

Travel like a local




2 Brand Films


Friend A (Vivian) in Atlanta, GA (USA)

Friend B (Irene) in Shanghai, China

Everything was shot on location

Treatment 1

"Love letter" style. Friend A (vlogging) talks about what she misses about home and the difference in culture. Friend B shows what Friend A is missing out on while making her jealous about being so far away from China. Friend B tempting Friend A to come back home. 

Treatment 2

A day living in China versus living in the U.S. Match cut style editing. Zooming in and out of scenes that are similar. I.e., Friend B shows hotpot in China, the camera zooms in and cuts to Friend A having Korean barbecue, which is the closest thing to hotpot, in the US. 

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