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Dunkin' Donuts

This campaign was intended to embrace and celebrate all women of all ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures, sizes, shapes, and everything else in between. Their character, their body, and their unique personalities make their homes, their workplaces, and their lives, as a whole, so much more meaningful. 



By uplifting these women and providing inclusivity and exclusivity in the form of technology, and giving them a personalized experience to love themselves, bring other women up, with the help of Dunkin' Donuts.


  • Instagram posts (Social)

  • posters

  • packaging

  • technology

Target Audience

Women, aged 18-40. All ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures. Women who are go-getters, those who are living life at maximum speed, and are always able to pump their coworkers and colleagues up.


This is for those who lead busy, fast-paced lifestyles, may not always have the time to indulge in their day-to-day life, and may need a pick-me-up every now and again. 

From our research, we found out that most of their sales come from coffee, rather than donuts. So, we decided to create an app extension, on top of the Dunkin' Donuts app to drive donut sales to women who work at the office that do not have the time to take a break when they need one. 

These women will log onto their app and pick their desired donut, it will be created exclusively in real-time, and then delivered by Dunkin' Donuts with their Packin' Smiles truck to their office. Or, these women, who may have a few minutes to spare from their long work hours, could come down pick their toppins and get their very own Dunkin' Donut, made just the way they want it. 

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