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Do certain people make you feel tied

With invisible shackles on your hands

You realized their words are just lies

Just a puddle surrounded by sand

People want success and glory 

But most don’t wanted it for you

You were never part of their story

But they stuck to you like glue

And whenever you celebrated you

They’re never genuinely happy for you

Say they could’ve done better than you

Even if they’ve never tried to help you

But once you say you’ll leave

They’ll laugh right in your face 

As they have you up their sleeve

And they’ll show you your chains

Even after that if you still try to leave

Their laughs will slowly melt away

Because now you know they’re thieves

And nothing they do will make you stay

And at that point fly away, fly free

Because no cage shall hold you tight

No matter how much they plea

But know they’re addicted to your light.

They’ll learn that they can’t keep you

Or stop you to be who you truly are

You’ll finally have your breakthrough

Because no one can cage your heart.

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