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I Write

There are people who love to dance or to sing or to draw or to watch videos on YouTube or movies on Netflix, but I am one of the few people who enjoy writing and spilling everything in my head onto paper. Sometimes if you asked me to say something I’d probably need so much time to figure what I want to say that the moment just passes and other times I’d have so many thoughts in my head that whatever comes out becomes a fit of silence. But when I write, I have all the time in the world to say exactly what I want to. There is no rush. Just me, the page and my imagination.

Some may ask why do I write? How can you enjoy something so lifeless? So boring? Anyone can write, what you do is nothing different. I write because writing is a rare discipline that does not need an explanation, it does not need descriptions and it certainly doesn’t need apologies. That’s the thing though - it does give people life. When you write a complaint, or a hateful comment or a business memo or a love letter - all of these give emotion. It can make you rage with anger, sink into a ball feeling upset and alone, it can feel persuasive and imperative or it can make you feel happy and giddy just knowing that someone was thinking about you. Feeling the emotions that course through your body, knowing that you can feel them, that’s what life is. A sea of emotions in this cold, hard world that we live in. They say if you don’t have ups and downs in life, you may not be dead, but you’re certainly not alive. I believe it’s the same with emotions and how we feel, if you don’t experience the bad stuff, how in the world do you know when you’ve got a taste of the good ones.

What people may see are only letters joined together to form a way of communication, but that’s the beauty of it too. Writing is a visual and a vocal sensory application in our world. It can take you places that you would never thought you’d be able to go, you can read the thousands of stories about people but you’ll never know who they are, you can learn about the deepest, darkest places and times in human history and reflect on the way people live now today. Writing is a way for us to connect with people, places and time, some ways are more prevalent and easier than others, but it’s a way to connect nonetheless. 

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I Write

Some people love to dance, or to sing, or to draw, or to watch videos on YouTube, or movies on Netflix; but I am one of the few people who enjoy writing and spilling everything in my head, onto paper.

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